Nokia Lab | LAB 6 RSVP-TE CSPF |

Hello everyone!

Today is the second RSVP-TE lab. So I will try to show the differences between TE LSP and non-TE LSP. And we will start to investigate the real traffic engineering features - hop limit and admin groups. I'm using topology and RSVP-TE infrastructure from the previous lab.

Please check my first lab for input information.

Topology example

Lab tasks and questions:
  • Comprasion TE LSP and non-TE LSP
    • create LSP from R1 to R6 with an "empty" path and CSPF option - name to_R6
    • create another LSP from R1 to R6 with an "empty" path and without CSPF option - name to_R6_no_CSPF
      • examine LSP signaling process
        • capture PATH messages for every LSP in the different point of our topology
          • Do PATH messages contain ERO?
          • describe the difference in signaling process - TE LSP/ non-TE LSP
        • So we can assume that both LSP have the same path R1 - R2 - R4 - R6
          • Try to increase link metric R2 - R4 and examine LSP behavior
            • Does Head-end resignal LSP to_R6? Why?
              • exec manual resignal (see useful debug commands for reference)
              • What is the default value of resignal timer?
              • examine Make-before-break process
                • How does it help to keep LSP in the UP state?
  • Constraints (go ahead only with TE LSP - to_R6)
    • add hop-limit=2 to LSP configuration
      • examine LSP Make-before-break status
        • What is failure code?
        • Does Head-end send a new PATH message?
        • delete hop-limit
    • force Head-end signal LSP with the next actual path using admin-groups - R1 - R2 - R4 - R3 - R5 - R6
      • create admin-group on all LSR (e.g. "test")
      • add admin-group to interfaces
      • examine TED and find inside LSA admin-group entry
      • configure LSP with include or exclude admin-group
        • Did Head-end resignal LSP immediately? Or we should exec manual resignal?
      • What is the benefit of using admin-groups in a real network?
      Final configs
      Github project

      Useful debug commands
      show router ospf opaque-database detail
      show router rsvp session detail
      show router mpls lsp detail
      show router mpls path detail
      tools dump router te-database detail
      tools dump router mpls te-lspinfo detail
      tools dump router rsvp psb detail
      tools dump router rsvp rsb detail
      tools perform router mpls resignal lsp "to_R6" path "loose"